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Rumah ProdukMesin Bubut Industri Flake

Ice Industrial Commercial Equipment For Food Fishing Processing LR-2.5T

kualitas baik Mesin es serut air laut untuk penjualan
kualitas baik Mesin es serut air laut untuk penjualan
Saya sangat senang bekerja sama dengan perusahaan LIER Anda, tidak hanya mesin es kualitas terbaik, tetapi juga layanan terbaik. Semoga kita akan memiliki kerjasama yang lama.

—— Mr, Ahmed Mujah

Good quality with good price, LIER is the best choice.

—— Mr. Meupa Dayou

LIER is the excelent flake, tube and block ice machines manufacturer .

—— Rodolfo Barrios

Perusahaan Lier telah memproduksi mesin es serpihan selama 10 tahun. Dengan kualitas mesin yang stabil, output es yang cepat, dan produksi es yang mencukupi per hari, LIER selalu menjadi mitra baik saya.

—— Primitivo Ghislain

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Ice Industrial Commercial Equipment For Food Fishing Processing LR-2.5T

Cina Ice Industrial Commercial Equipment For Food Fishing Processing LR-2.5T pemasok

Gambar besar :  Ice Industrial Commercial Equipment For Food Fishing Processing LR-2.5T

Detail produk:

Place of Origin: SEHNZHEN/CHINA
Nama merek: LIER
Sertifikasi: CE,SGS
Model Number: LR-2.5T

Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Harga: Negotiate
Packaging Details: WOODEN CASES
Delivery Time: 15-30 WORK DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 15-30 SET/MONTH
Detil Deskripsi produk
DIMENSION: 1500*1095*1200(MM)
Cahaya Tinggi:

industrial ice maker machine


industrial ice maker manufacturer

LIER good efficient flake ice machine for food fishing processing


Product Description

Flake ice machines
1. CE approval, easy operation
2. Stabel and reliable
3. Energy-saving
4. User-friendly design, fast cooling

Flake ice machines
Flake ice machines Daily output from 0.5Ton/day up to 30Ton/day, our well designed system can handle most of the worse working conditions on the earth, use reliable components imported from well-known overseas suppliers and cheap cost to run, easy operation and maintenance.


Product features:
1. High degree of Customization and optional
All our flake ice machines are produced and designed according to client's requirements. We can design machines to suit any working conditions and meet customers' requirements.

Below are the options available for you: -
Power supply: 3p/380v/50hz (optional)
Refrigerant type: R404A/ R22
Condenser cooling mode: Air Cooled / Water Cooled
Material of Evaporator: Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel
Compressor: Bitzer/ Copeland/ Danfoss
Water usage: Freshwater or seawater

2. Reliable components
Bitzer, Copeland, Danfoss, Alco, ...Etc we only choose the world renowned brand for our components supplier, which makes the flake ice machine stable and reliable.

3. Compact design and easy operate
We design the layout of the whole system elaborately, which made the machine stable and space saving. The whole system is automatically controlled and easy to use; Operation starts by merely switching on one button, and terminates automatically when ice is full.

4. Efficient
By using the Most Efficient compressors and with the most reasonable design of the whole system, our flake ice machine are rated the lowest power and water consumption ice machines.

Flake ice evaporator technical parameter    
Model Ice output
Cooling capacity
Power Total Power
Regrigerants Cooling Way Single Barrel Dimension(mm) Net Weight
Capacity of
LR-05T 500 3.7 3P/38OV/50Hz 2.5 R404A Air-cooled 1310*890*780 195 400
LR-1T 1000 6.5 3P/38OV/50Hz 4.8 R404A Air-cooled 1310*970*880 227 500
LR-1.2T 1200 7.8 3P/38OV/50Hz 5.47 R404A Air-cooled 1310*970*980 263 500
LR-1.5T 1500 9.8 3P/38OV/50Hz 7.3 R404A Air-cooled 1310*970*980 364 500
LR-2T 2000 13 3P/38OV/50Hz 8.5 R404A Air-cooled 1500*1095*1040 423 600
LR-2.5T 2500 16.2 3P/38OV/50Hz 9.2 R404A Air-cooled 1500*1095*1200 456 600
LR-3T 3000 19.5 3P/38OV/50Hz 12.2 R404A Air-cooled 1750*1190*1200 530 Actual demand
of cumtomer
LR-4T 4000 26 3P/38OV/50Hz 16.3 R404A Water-cooling 1700*1650*1450 630
LR-5T 5000 32.5 3P/38OV/50Hz 19.6 R404A Water-cooling 1700*1650*1450 760
LR-8T 8000 49 3P/38OV/50Hz 26.6 R22 Water-cooling 2500*2000*1560 968
LR-10T 10000 65 3P/38OV/50Hz 32.5 R22 Water-cooling 2500*2000*1700 1260
LR-15T 15000 95 3P/38OV/50Hz 58 R22 Water-cooling 3100*2160*1865 2120
LR-20T 20000 130 3P/38OV/50Hz 63 R22 Water-cooling 3100*2160*2050 2860
LR-25T 25000 160 3P/38OV/50Hz 75 R22 Water-cooling 3100*2160*2265 2940
LR-30T 30000 195 3P/38OV/50Hz 86 R22 Water-cooling 3500*2700*2350 3240


Ice Industrial Commercial Equipment For Food Fishing Processing LR-2.5T

Ice Industrial Commercial Equipment For Food Fishing Processing LR-2.5T

Q1: What is the delivery time?
1).The ice making machine type. Our main product line includes Flake Ice Machine,Tube Ice Machine,Block Ice Machine. The manufacturing is totally different. So the time and affort spent on these machines varies. Normally the flake ice machine is fastest under the same ice daily capacity
2). Different Ice Daily Capacity: we have 1T,2T,5T,10T,20T,25T,30T,40T,50T ice making machines. For small capacity ice making machines(like1-5 tons), it needs about 10-15 working days. For larger capacity ice machines, it needs around 20-30 working days).
Q2.: What is the payment terms and trder terms?
A2: Normally, we accept T/T, 30% Deposit and 70% balance paid before delivery time
Trade Terms: FOB Shenzhen
Q3: Do I need to install the ice machine by myself?
For small ice machine, we ship it as a whole unit. So you just need to prepare power and water to run the machine.
For some larger ice machine plant, we need to keep some components seperate for shipping convenience. But no worries about that. An installation brochure will be sent to you,it's very easy to install the machine.
Q4: For Water Cooled and Air cooled Machine, Which one is better?
A4: It depends. If the electricity is more abundant and cheaper than water, air cooled one is recommended. Likewise, you can choose the water cooled one according to the situation.
Q5: Warranty time?
A1: 18 months


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